Cutesy Creature – Theraven’s updated mesh set and some recolors.

This is a long overdue update for these meshes that I converted from Tea-n-moon and Deetron X quite some time ago. Theraven took my conversions and added slots to them and made some plants from other meshes to put in them.

Here’s Theraven’s preview and the new updated meshes. Comes with all the Ever So Lovely recolors found in my original conversion.

Theraven’s download page at their blog is HERE.

Next up are two sets of recolors I made and they just sort of sat around waiting for the new and improved meshes in the backwaters of my pc.

Fruit Punch recolors in the top pic and Shastakiss’ Yeti Pallette in the bottom pic.

Download updated meshes.

Download Fruit Punch Recolors.

Download Yeti Recolors.


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Thought I'd ask y'all to come along for a free-ride while I show you how I go about lollygagging through life. It's a truly fun process.
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