Plethora of Paintings # 1

First up, a set of recolors I made for MLC’s Tseng Painting mesh awhile back. I have this folder full of stuff I did up that’s been waiting ages for it all to get uploaded. I love making stuff, I don’t love taking previews. The master mesh is included for MLC’s Philip Tseng Painting set, if you want the rest of the sizes in the set, download them HERE. Sorted, swatched, compressed.


Another set of various recolors on the same mesh. These are sorted, swatched and compressed. Includes master mesh.

Download Tsengers.

Six recolors of Veranka’s 4to2 conversion of “Otter Be A Star” painting. Mesh included.

Download Otter Recolors.

Prints on my Boston painting mesh. These are the fifty United States. Mesh included, swatches, compressed.

Download prints.

About debbiedidit

Thought I'd ask y'all to come along for a free-ride while I show you how I go about lollygagging through life. It's a truly fun process.
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