Just Some Catch-Up’s

Here are my three little things from last month’s Spooky Dip at GoS, along with some recolors I did up for The Wishing Tree and some monthly theme items.

First up a 4to2 conversion. I would love to credit the original creator but I have lost it, the set is only marked with “kk”. Includes additional deco pieces – separated and a larger version of the little yellowish critter.


Feisty Flannah

Painting recolor and a rather “shocking” version of the Shocking Pink Flamingo inspired by print.


Columns inspired by designer pages. The smaller versions of Column 02 have one centered and one in the corner. I used HugeLunatic’s corner version of an Maxis column for the base on that one.


Samara’s Pit from The Ring.  Samara is not included, she’s a mesh by Milla.


3to2 conversion of Murfeelee’s AMR London Drinking set.


About debbiedidit

Thought I'd ask y'all to come along for a free-ride while I show you how I go about lollygagging through life. It's a truly fun process.
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