3t2 Armiel DIY Build Recolors

Recolors of Sofya’s 3t2 conversion of Armiel DIY Build set requested at Sim Pearls. There are five recolors of all the fences and master meshes in amythestfenix’ columbine, maxis whitewash and blackwash. Only the master meshes are included excepting for the fences. With the fences, you need the base mesh included in this download for the fence recolors to show up.  Fences have latch recolors in shastakiss’ metals.


If you would like to take a try at making more recolors, here are some recolor resources for you to use, too.

About debbiedidit

Thought I'd ask y'all to come along for a free-ride while I show you how I go about lollygagging through life. It's a truly fun process.
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